Rain Sensors


With this year’s severe drought in California and other areas of the country struggling with water availability/quality, we can not take our precious water resource for granted. The average 8 zone sprinkler system can save about 1,500 gallons every time this rain sensor suspends an irrigation cycle, that’s approximately $25.00 at Seattle’s 3rd tier water rate.

We’re here to help you conserve, preserve and protect our shared water supply.

RainSensor™ Series

Rain sensors conserve water by suspending irrigation during rainfall, while the wireless rain/freeze sensor also helps reduce vegetation damage and icing conditions.

  • Wireless models require less labor for the installer
  • Constant communication between transmitter and receiver assures that even after a power outage, the controller is continually updated with the sensor’s “wet” or “dry” status
  • Versatile mounting options include one-piece Quick-Clip™ gutter bracket and ½” conduit adapter.
  • Signal strength indicator ensures correct installation, communication link and signal integrity (wireless models)
  • Smart Bypass™ for easy system override switches sensor back automatically on next activation (wireless models)
  • Fully adjustable shutoff points from 1/8″ to ¾” (3-19mm) of accumulated rainfall.