Advanced Irrigation Service Programs

Advanced Irrigation’s goal is to help you maximize your sprinkler system’s efficiency, reduce water use, extend sprinkler system life and insure your sprinkler system provides reliable automatic watering to support your landscape.

Spring Tune Up

  • Turn on main water supply
  • Check controller and replace battery if needed1
  • Check for breaks and/or leaks (making repairs if needed)2
  • Adjust heads as necessary for proper coverage2
  •  Repair and/or replace broken or malfunctioning heads2
  • Clean out and/or replace clogged nozzles
  • Replace nozzles as needed for better coverage
  • Cut around pop-up heads in lawn areas as needed
  • Major repairs, alterations or additions to the sprinkler system will be billed at time and material in addition to this agreement.  All such work to be approved by owner.

Fall Winterization

  • Turn off water at main valve or backflow device
  • With compressed air, blow water out of system (main line, all lateral lines, heads, valves and backflow devices)
  • Turn off controller1
  • Note any major problems for Spring repair

1 With access provided by owner.
2 Hourly rates will apply if repairs cannot be completed within time allotted for Tune Up

Complete Service Program
(Tune Up and Winterization)

This great program will insure both the timely activation and winterization of your sprinkler system.  The program includes the two annual services all sprinkler systems should have – the Spring Tune Up and the Fall Winterization.  You’ll have no concerns in getting your system started up in the spring or shut down for the winter.  This is our most popular service.  We take care of your system automatically, so you don’t have to remember to call us!

Elite Service Program

This program safeguards that your system will work at top efficiency the entire year.  You not only receive the Complete Service Program, but also monthly visits from June through September, scheduled on the same day each month so you will know when we will be there (i.e. the second Tuesday of the month).  At each visit we will check and adjust heads for coverage, check valves for proper operating pressure and check landscaping for stress and wilting.  We will repair any heads or valves that have failed due to normal wear and recommend adjustments to your controller based on field observations.  (**All parts will be billed as needed.)  A report on work performed and observations of field conditions will be issued for your records.

**Major repairs, alterations or additions to the sprinkler system will be billed at time and material in addition to this agreement.

With a pre-paid contract, all parts will be discounted by 10%.   All such work will require approval by homeowner.

All proceeds are subject to Washington State sales tax.

Certified Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is required yearly on all irrigation systems using a double check backflow preventer, a reduced pressure backflow preventer or a pressure vacuum breaker.  This is a Washington State Health Department Law.  The test ensures that the backflow preventer is working properly and is protecting your family and neighbors from any chemicals, such as fertilizer, slug bait and week killer, flowing back through your irrigation heads and being siphoned into your drinking water.  This service can be added to any of the above service packages.

For more information on the above services and quotes on pricing, please contact us at 1-888-833-6220